Thankful <3

Good afternoon my beautiful sisters!! I hope this finds you in a good place. Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner and holiday gatherings I’m sure. Lots to be done and as always not enough time to do it. Just take the time to day to take a deep breath and be thankful for today…. Even if it seems like you won’t be able to get through today, you will. Enjoy the moments you’re making into memories on your journey and keep moving forward.


Fly sisters!!!

Happy Friday sisters!!! I am so thankful for so many things this week….I am moving forward and pushing myself….and it’s hard to do, but it’s gotta be done to heal. I think a lot of us stay where we are because we’re afraid of the unknown, so we stay just right here, so we don’t have to look over the edge. Well, to me it’s time to step off that edge and spread my wings. Spreading your wings is going to carry you to your next destination in your journey and that’s the exciting part…because you’ve never been there and it’s going to open your horizons to new things in your life. Even though sometimes taking that step is hard…we have to face a lot of our demons taking that step out, but the angels will lift your wings up and carry you through to where you’re meant to be. Don’t be afraid to trust your journey!!! Love yourself and the path you’re taking to a new life….Much love here

ROAK Tuesday!!!

roak-111516Good morning my beautiful sisters!! I hope this Tuesday morning finds you doing well, happy and one day closer in your journey to where you want to be! This morning we are doing a Random Act of Kindness by gifting a beautiful ring that was gifted to us that was handmade with much love. We have chosen a woman of strength, of hope, of spirituality and of encouragement. She herself was diagnosed with cancer this last year and has been fighting ever since. She is an amazing mother, friend, singer and most of all our sister…so please send your love and congrats to Cricket Colleen Best for just being who she is….we love you sister and are standing beside you in your fight

Good news!!!!

Well, it’s official, we just submitted full payment to our attorney to proceed on filing our non-profit status to make us official. We owe HUGE thanks, hugs and love to a sister that made a $1200 donation because she believes in our cause and she believes in each of you. We love you, we look forward to our sisterhood growing and enriching women’s lives. We are “Spreading our Wings”.

One of a Kind Sister

Good evening my beauties!!! I hope you had a wonderful All Hallow’s Eve!!! Looks like a lot of you had a blast with parties, costumes and the kiddos!! I am so glad to see ya’ll loving and living life….that’s what this is all about….our journey and enjoying every minute of it….never ceasing, never stopping…yes we have to work…but shouldn’t you do something you LOVE to do everyday? That’s what keeps us going…our passions in life…think about it….if you’re tired, burned out and just not feeling it….and I mean life…maybe it’s time to change course a little…start writing, painting, get the yarn out…do what feeds your soul…..remember there is only one of you…you’re one of a kind!!! And that’s why I love you my sister <3 Much love!!!!mantra-103116


This has been my favorite quote forever “And though she be but little, she is fierce”…a quote from Shakespeare in a Midsummer Night’s Dream… I never knew the true meaning back in high school, I just liked it because that was me, little but a firecracker…I didn’t take crap off of anyone…except my family and boy did they do a doozy on me…and then came a whole lot of life that happened and that little but fierce girl didn’t come out much…accept maybe at the wrong times, with the wrong people…..and the ones it should have been directed at just buried me deeper and deeper into grave of loneliness, depression and utter self hate. Add to that the DNA imprinted with a chemical balance already, add PTSD, Anxiety Disorder and MDD on top of it…Being a survivor of rape and domestic violence, to losing 6 babies and my mind a couple times over….I’ve wanted to give up more than a few times in my life. I’ve gotten so tired, I haven’t showered, eaten or even slept for days….then when I do sleep I don’t wake up for 24 hours….. Living with flashbacks from my childhood my rape, my marriage….it’s all a horrible thing to deal with and I hate it….but it’s my life…so now why am I telling you all this? First off, let me tell you it’s not for sympathy….some know my story, some don’t….I’m sharing today because I felt it was important after reading my favorite quote and thinking on it this morning…. I realized this morning after 46 years that this quote means that she maybe little but she has no fear….and I think deep down I have always wanted to be that girl…to have no fear of rejection – because I have lived with that since the day I was born, to have no fear of being hurt – we’re all going to be hurt it’s just learning to love ourselves and know that we are still worthy no matter what others say about us….to live without fear means that no one else defines our life, that we love ourselves enough to know we’re worthy to be loved, to be cared for and to be happy. No one else has that right and can take it away from us. So my beautiful sisters, I hope what I say hits home and you know that you CAN live this life without fear, you can be happy and that you can love yourself unconditionally. Much Love 100316-mantra

Healing <3

healingGood afternoon my beautiful wildflowers….I hope your Monday is treating you good… that is as Mondays go!!! LOL…. I wanted to share this today because I am at a place in my journey that I am in a deep search for healing from things that happened long ago, but are surfacing. Healing from past hurts is probably one of the hardest things that we have to do in life. And no one can do it for us, we have to do it for ourselves and find it within ourselves. Sometimes we need the assistance of medications and professionals and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the wanting to be healed is the biggest factor in moving towards positivity. Are you still going to have bad days? Of course you will….but as the days pass, they will become fewer as you learn and heal. Never be afraid to face your fears and the process of healing….it’s the best learning experience we could ever have….much love

Enough is Enough…..

Mantra 081616

Good morning my wonderful sisters….happy Tuesday morning….I hope this finds you well…it’s raining here in Austin, Texas so it’s kind of dreary here, but it was much needed! I had shared with you a few days that things have been rough as of late and they still are, but I have to adapt and overcome. I haven’t gotten this far in life to be beaten down and give up on things. One thing I want to stress ladies is that you are so worth loving!!! No one should be given the right to determine that for you but you!! Don’t let anyone make you feel less than a person because they don’t know anything but chaos in their own lives. You are perfectly imperfect for a reason!!! We love you just the way you are!! If you decide to change things up, do it for you and no other reason… I am genuinely sick of people getting hurt by others…people don’t think about what they say anymore. We have to love ourselves, defend ourselves and love ourselves to know when enough is enough. Much love <3

Sometimes It’s Hard…..

Mantra 081316

Hey there my soul sisters… I hope this finds you having a day of peace, comfort, doing what makes your spirit happiest….I am having a little bit of a rough time and goodness knows I hate to admit that but it’s true….Many of you in the Austin area are familiar with Sgt. Hutchinson and the heart wrenching story and the news that was announced yesterday. Never did I think it would have affected me as it did…I didn’t personally know him… but I had a complete breakdown last night over it…I realized last night that almost 9 years ago to the date he passed, I OD’d trying to take my own life…having suffered a TIA 2 months prior, being on long term disability through my job which was only a portion of my pay, I couldn’t pay my bills… my boyfriend at the time, I found out was cheating..I was on a lot of meds for my TIA, depression, petit mal seizures, pain…my mother kept telling me I didn’t need to be on the meds I was on, “it was all in my head” – even though my neurologist, neurosurgeon, and psychiatrist said different. So I said I was just done. I stopped taking my meds cold turkey and started making plans. Changed my beneficiaries on my 401K monies to my mother and my boyfriend. See all they cared about was money. I owed my mom money from a loan and my boyfriend that I was with had told the new girl, he was keeping me around until I got my home I was buying and then he was going to drive me crazy enough to go back to Texas and he’d keep the house. I wrote letters to all of the people that I loved and cared about which didn’t include my family or the current bf. I waited until he went to work one day, packed my car up, drove all the way to Tennessee and OD’d in a hotel room there….I was done, everyone would be happy, get their money and I could finally be at peace. I can tell you I took a lot of pills, I can tell you something greater than me didn’t intend to let me go that easy because I am still here…. I was considered a missing person at the time because my life long friend that I love dearly, LadyJai had gotten my letter and called the sheriff’s department….they actually thought my bf had killed me and dumped my body…..needless to say I was put in the hospital for almost 3 weeks to get stabilized. I packed up my house and came back to Texas when I got out…. 9 years later I am in a different place and as much as I was hurting last night, I know I’ll never go back there, not because I don’t hurt, but because I’m here for a reason. Sisters, I have never shared that story, but I am sharing it today because I think it’s important for you to know that if you have felt like you want to end it all, you’re not alone. There is a lot of times we feel so alone and abandoned in life. All we hear is the negative and the ugliness from the people in our lives. It’s taken me a long time to learn to not listen to those voices and try and listen to the good voices more, to have more hope that things will get better, have faith that there are good times to come. To know that I matter in this life…we need you to know that you matter….and I can tell you from personal experience, no matter how bad your situation, there is always hope. You just have to learn to see and hold on to it, even on the bad days…find the little things that keep you going….I can honestly say I am here with Butterfly Sisters because I don’t want any of you to ever feel alone, to feel hopeless, to feel like you can’t go on….If you EVER feel that way, please reach out to us….. that’s why we are here….MUCH LOVE <3

Don’t let your well run dry…..

Mantra 081116

Good afternoon my beautiful sisters….I hope that you’ve had a good day….I started thinking early this morning what I wanted to talk about today and the one that that kept coming to mind is that how utterly amazing it is to be a woman……of course that is after I cussed today about having to fix the dryer on my own which has not been working right for a month now, taking the trash out cleaning…blah blah blah….This is what we all do!!! We take care of kids, we take care of our significant others…we clean, we wash, we cook….and work full time!!! And then sometimes more!!! And goodness help us don’t get sick cause NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!! We are amazingly beautiful creatures that give so much of ourselves and don’t do for ourselves…I want ya’ll to remember something….you can’t give what you don’t have….if you don’t take care of you, then nobody else is going to….sad to say but for the most part it’s the truth….We have to truly learn to cherish ourselves so that our fountain doesn’t run out….I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever want to stop giving…that’s me…I don’t want to stop nurturing or being kind…but if I don’t take care of my well and fill it up, it’ll run dry and there will be no more fountain to share with everyone. So sisters, take care of you!!! Follow your dreams, do what makes your soul happy!!! Let ‘s make this life count!!! Much love <3