We are sisters….

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Good morning soul sisters!!! I was getting ready to do my art this morning and came across this picture…I was up late talking to my Sissy ( Linda) I found a wedding dress and no one else was up and I wanted to share my find….If you had told me a year ago that I would have such an amazing sisterhood that I could come to and be a part of….I wouldn’t doubt you, but I would probably have been skeptical…LOL… This is last year has been a series of “supposed to be’s” for me….everything has fallen into place…I have met some amazing women that have become my family and I mean that in the true sense. And those in my circle, well you know….Sisters I can’t say this enough…we’re here for you….may not always have the right words, but we’ll listen, we’ll pray, we’ll send good vibes, we’ll do what it takes to get you where you need to be on your journey….And just so you know it IS okay to cry, it IS okay to scream, it IS okay to breakdown….we’ve all been there….just know you have sisters that are gonna be there for you….we aren’t going anywhere, we’ll be right here for you and that’s a promise…. with that being said…I am going to get ready to head out to our Butterfly Sister Co-op….I hope you have a wonderful day my sisters….Much Love <3

Give yourself some self love!!! <3

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Happy Monday my beauties….yes it’s almost over…well for most of us…kind of….some of still have to cook dinner and make sure homework gets done, but we’re still breathing (taking deep breaths as I write this)….I wanted to give you some food for thought this week…make you think about YOU this week…and I’m not talking about being selfish….well maybe a little..but we are all on a journey of sorts together, but apart so to speak, so why not try to help each other feel better? So my thoughts are, for this week, I would like our sisters to try and think of one positive thought a day about yourself….it’s going to be an exercise in self love so to speak….so I will make a post every morning and I want to encourage us all to do the same, so please participate my sisters!!! Today my positive love affirmation about myself is that I am a gypsy…I love to travel, always have…it’s one of my favorite things about me <3....what about you? Please feel free to add your comments with yours!!!.....by the way....love you all <3

Find You Again….

Mantra 08:02:16Hey there my soul sisters!!! I hope this finds you in a good place…I have to be honest and say I have been struggling but I am trying to come back out…looking to the future and what I want for myself….the passions in my life….my music, the things I love to make….my sisters….sometimes we just have to refocus on the things that really matter to us instead of putting it on the things that hurt us….and I know that’s hard to do sometimes…I know it is for me, because usually that’s in the forefront of our minds… the backstabbing friend, the family members that says we’re a disappointment, the spouse that reminds us of all the things we didn’t do….why don’t we focus on the things within ourselves we do right and not listen to them? Because it’s easier said than done…So I am going to challenge you to refocus and try to start loving yourself a little bit more like I am….find what makes your soul happy and makes it smile again…. Put a little passion back in your life….find you again if you haven’t already….love ya’ll to pieces!! <3

Wings <3


Aloha Friday my beautiful sisters!! What an amazing week this has been… A week for new beginnings and revelations, a time for peace and learning to be content in life…I know this isn’t always easy to do. There are always obstacles in life that we have to face and overcome…some are harder than others…some stay in our souls forever and never go away…those are the ones we have to learn to make peace with and others usually don’t know how to help us through it. Blessed are the ones who want to help us and be there for us… the ones who make us bury our feelings well i don’t have many kind words for them….the important thing that you need to remember is that your emotions are real and they do matter…it doesn’t matter what has happened in your life, NEVER let anyone tell you that you “need to get over it”, “move on” or “forget about it”. We all need to heal and we all do it in different ways, you need to know that is very important to your soul and to your survival. You’re important to us…we love you and care about you and what’s going on in your lives, this I promise….I know some of you aren’t talkers and that’s okay, and some don’t share your personal issues and that’s okay…but we’re still here….We are here to help give you your wings and to use them. MUCH LOVE <3

Do what makes your soul happy <3

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Happy Monday my beautiful muses!!! And yes I say muses because I am finally getting the flow of writing again…and that feels so good!!! It truly amazing to see our organization taking shape little by little and KNOWING we are a team, KNOWING we are doing something amazing for our ladies and our community that enriches our lives and so makes it worth getting up every morning. I want to encourage ya’ll today to think about what gives you purpose, what helps keep you going….it doesn’t have to be anything huge….find something that speaks to your soul and makes you smile and do it. I don’t care if it’s coloring in your blanket fort today, then do it moma!!! I would love to know that you are doing what you love today my beautiful sisters….that’s what this life is about….lets make every day count….much love <3

Love a little more….

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Happy Sunday sister!!! I hope you all have gotten some well needed rest over the weekend and did what makes your soul happy. I want to start this week with the goal to try to make a difference in my corner of the world everyday…..to show more love, more humanity, more giving….I don’t have a lot, but I am rich in love, compassion, devotion, caring….and the more we show that, the more it’s contagious….does anybody wanna get contagious with me? LOL….I hope you do!!! Love you my beautiful sisters!! And thank you for making the world a brighter place for just being you <3 Much love!!!! Muah!!!

Serenity <3

life copy

Good evening my wonderfulsisters!!! It’s Saturday and I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you ya’ll are on my mind….hoping that you are finding some peace and solitude on this Saturday night….. A lot of our journeys have been difficult the last couple of weeks and I am hoping that means break throughs for us….Are you ready for the calm? I know I am…. I am so glad I have my safe haven here with my sisters…this is where I here the ocean waves coming and I find my peace…The chaos is becoming less and less….that’s the goal…to be happy and healthy in our lives….love you my sisters and try to find some peace tonight….MUCH LOVE <3


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Good morning my sisters!!! Happy Tuesday!! I noticed no one did their homework!!! Well accept for the leads and one of your sisters on listing one thing that you love about yourself…my lovelies, we have to love ourselves….and I don’t mean selfishly, but enjoy who we are as individuals….learn your likes ,dislikes… be genuine…. we all should have been able to list 1 thing we like about ourselves…and if you can’t, then I encourage you to take the time to think about it today and find one thing and comment today…Hunny bunnies, even if we don’t like the outside world and don’t like to people, shouldn’t we like at least one thing in our little corner of the world? That’s what we should all be striving for..and if we don’t then ChANGE iT!!! No one else can change it for us…WE have to change it…And maybe just maybe if we change our corner, we can branch out and change things out a little further….gotta keep trying!!! Much Love <3

Pretty words…..

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Good morning my lovelies!! I hope this finds you peaceful this morning or headed to a better place in your journey than yesterday…. I have been in deep thought this morning about what I call “pretty words”.. to me that’s where someone in your life tells you what you want to hear to make things better for the moment or to make you think that things are not as they seem….I have been caught up in one too many situations like this myself. A lot of times I think those of us that have been in abusive situations allow it to happen because we want the fairytale or we simply want what we think is love. I think if we truly love ourselves and treasure ourselves then, it’s easier to decipher the “real” words from the “pretty” words…I personally want the real words, cause when it comes down to it, all those pretty words don’t mean a thing….I hope we all learn to love ourselves so when we do get the REAL pretty words, we know the difference….love you my sisters!!! Much love <3

Moving on…..


Hey there my beautiful sisters!!!! It’s been a few days since I’ve written anything, but I honestly feel like I have been reborn and the scared girl who has been hiding for so long from the mother who abused her…the young girl that was raped…the young wife that wanted to be nothing but a wife and mother that was abused and left with nothing but scars and bruises to show….I feel like she has been tucked in to bed and is resting peacefully…..Another woman is coming out and I am in amazement of my healing and peace…. a lot of it has to do with forgiveness in the truest form…and knowing that other’s don’t define me, I do….learning to box up my mistakes and pack them away and not let anyone else take them out for me to have to look at again, because they are mine alone, not there’s to look at or remind me of……I have gained a strength that I never knew i had….but I have to be strong so I can help my sisters….all of you on your journeys…because you all have different journeys you’re on and must be prepared for anything…..you’re all a blessing to me… there are some of my sisters that make my life shine bright like a diamond and that I am forever in your debt….so my sisters….lean on me when you need to, I’m here….MUCH LOVE <3