Peace <3

Mother and daughter holding hands in cafe

Mother and daughter holding hands in cafe

Good evening my sisters…I am sorry it is so late in the evening that I am writing this but today has definitely been a day of reflection…within the last 24 hours this country has seen more turmoil than it ever has I believe that was brought on by our own least in my life time….all I can say is….love one another, show kindness, show your humanity, your compassion….it doesn’t take much to reach out and be there for one another….sisters, I promise you that you will never see judgement here and I mean never …. I’ve been shown grace and mercy and that’s what I believe we all should have…as you lay your heads down tonight, I hope you have peace in your hearts, I hope you have love in your family and most of all I hope that we all wake up in the morning with some solutions to the awful things going on in our world….Good night….Much Love <3

Sparkle <3


Good afternoon my beautiful amazing sisters!!! I hope this finds you in good spirits…The weekend is creeping closer but that doesn’t bring comfort or peace to some…sometimes that means quiet and solitude that’s unwanted…or having to deal with harsh situations that we maybe haven’t had to all week long… our journeys are all different sisters, but it doesn’t matter what you’re going through we can still have compassion, kindness and love for one another…..and try to have that for yourself….take care of you cause sometimes there isn’t anyone else who will…..I like to say at the end of they day if I have dirty feet, messy hair and a sparkle in my eye then I’ve lived my life…and that’s what I try to do….don’t let anyone take your sparkle girlies!!! Much Love <3


Manatra 070616

It’s Wednesday my soul sisters…and it seems like a lot of us are enduring loss this week and I want to say from the bottom of my heart we are here for you….grief takes many forms and can be relentless so we may not have been through what you’re dealing with, or the words the perfect words but all I can say is that we’re here for you….today I am adding lyrics to a song that have a lot meaning to me these days….I am finding strength I never knew I had because I know I have to have it to move forward in my life. Even though my anxiety is through the rough today and I have a migraine from hell, I refuse to let it win today…today I am in charge of me…Healer heal thy self….it’s time. I am still going to have bad days but today isn’t going to be one of them. Sisters, I just want to remind you that your leaders are here for you anytime you need us for spiritual or emotional support ~ we are not licensed therapists or professionals but our journeys have been pretty seasoned and we definitely are willing to listen good, bad, or indifferent…if you can’t share here, we have an anonymous forum on our website you can vent on. You can also read about your leads and who we are if you’re curious about us…we are real people!!! LOL… so if you ever need to talk you can contact Cristal, Michelle, Allison, Annette, Krissy or myself. We’re here for you …. Butterfly sisters <3 MUCH LOVE as always

Make a life…..

Mantra 070416

Happy July 4th my soul sisters!!! I hope this holiday finds you enjoying family, friends or even solitude if that’s what makes you happy!!! My mantra today is what I have been talking a lot about lately…money ain’t everything…I’m pretty sure a lot of people will say differently.. I am the point in my journey where living life is so much more important… life is short and there is so much more to this life than collecting “things” and “money” … I would rather collect love, kindness and memories as treasures than anything….Sisters I hope you find a couple treasures in today and tuck them away for a rainy day when you’re sad…see that’s what they are for…to help us get through the bad days….Live life my beautiful butterfly sisters… life it like you never have before…it’s time…MUCH LOVE <3

Meaning of Aloha…..


Happy Aloha Friday my soul sisters!!! It’s finally here…it’s been a long trying week in this journey….but the sun is shining and I’m listening to my island music and at peace this morning….I wanted to share with ya’ll what aloha means this morning because it means so much more than just hello and goodbye…it’s a way of comes from the heart and spirit….just makes life right for me. It has helped to shape my world into what it is today. It’s how I can connect with each and everyone of you easily as I do. I encourage you to read up on it…it’s amazing!!! I hope you all have a great day in your journey!!! Time to get this day started!!! Much Love!!! <3


Mantra 062916

Good morning my lovelies!!! Guess what day it is??? No I’m not gonna say it…LOL…it’s a beautiful day in each of our journeys… I think it’s already been a trying week for a lot of us so I am sending hugs to all of my sisters this morning cause I think we need a group hug!!! Remember that you’re beautiful just the way you are and never let anyone make you think different…believe you me, I am telling you that as much for your benefit as mine….cause there’s a lot of days I don’t feel so great about me….I want each of ya’ll to do something that makes your heart smile today….I don’t care what it is JUST DO IT!!!! And ya’ll know your sisters are here for you 24/7 if you need us!!! Just holler!!! Much love <3

You will endure…..

Beautiful Painting Goddess Woman with bird phoenix on your face with ornamental mandala and butterfly wings and color abstract background  and eye contact, copy space

Beautiful Painting Goddess Woman with bird phoenix on your face with ornamental mandala and butterfly wings and color abstract background and eye contact, copy space

Good afternoon my wonderful sisters….first off I want to say thank you so much for your kind words that uplifted me….I am blessed to call each and everyone of you soul sisters….I cried many tears last night and today….but I am strong and I will endure…I’ve been through many things so I can be here to hold your hands and help you get through your rough times…we are all having bumpy rides in our journeys it seems….and you know it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to stay in our pj’s, it’s okay to speak our minds if people hurt us…..there isn’t a wrong way to take care of YOU….and I mean that…we have to do what’s best for us and our health…to regroup…to get a breath of fresh air and say I need to refocus….I do want to say just remember, we’re not going to stay in this same spot….we are on a journey….today maybe a not so good day but tomorrow is a new day and the sun is on the horizon….I do love each and everyone of you with my whole heart…not half my heart, that I promise….MUCH LOVE <3

Not merely surviving….

Mantra 062616

Hey there soul sisters….How goes your Sunday? Mine is super quiet with my everyone taking an afternoon nap…except me of course leaving me thinking about lots of things and trying to get some me time in before my son comes home. I have been thinking about it’s time to truly LIVE life, not just exist….I have done that a long time, not merely because I wanted to, but that’s how I was’re born, you go to school, you get married, you’re miserable, you have kids, get them out of the house and then your life is over. I don’t want that….I think there is a bigger plan than that….You just have to listen….My heart and spirit are coming to a place of peace and rootedness for the first time in my journey and it’s a new experience…..pretty scary actually….especially since I’m a gypsy… I do pray for my guidance and so that I know I’m headed in the right direction and it keeps me grounded…Where are you in your journey? are you ready for it? Is it as scary as you thought? I hope you know you’re not alone sister…..MUCH LOVE <3


Mantra 062516

Good morning my amazingly beautiful sisters!!! I hope this Saturday morning finds you well rested and ready for some down time…I have been thinking about my brokenness this week and just how it has brought me to where I am today….I can honestly say my journey has not been easy, I have been through a lot in my life….and I have shared some of it already…but this is what I want to say today….just because you are broken doesn’t mean you’re damaged goods…it doesn’t mean that you’re not strong enough to withstand the storms of life…. To me being broken is like a stain glass window that is cracked…..sunlight can still shine through and make beautiful colors no matter that it’s a little cracked….our brokenness is what makes us unique…makes us stronger in the end….may not seem like it…but it does…and just remember sisters…we got you until you can stand on your own ….MUCH LOVE <3

Mantra 062416

Happy Aloha Friday my beautiful muses!!! Welcome my sisters that are new here!! My little mantra I am sharing this morning is near and dear to my heart because I am doing what I love to do….help ya’ll…ya’ll give me purpose each and everyday… I am so blessed to call you all my sisters in my journey!!! If you haven’t checked our Maya Angelou, she was an amazing writer and poet, she will definitely lift your spirits. My sisters, I hope this Friday finds you in a happy place in your journey with peace and hope on the horizon!!! MUCH LOVE as always <3