Tough times?? What do you do??


Happy Saturday morning my lovelies!! I’m not gonna lie..I am still packing….where did all this STUFF come from? And it’s not MINE!!! LOL….but this is my life and I am going to embrace it….You know our lives aren’t always easy, especially when the ones we loves STUFF gets thrown into the mix of it…emotional, financial, addictions, blended families….it’s a lot to take in…and sometimes…heck a lot of the times it overwhelming…I will share that I do go to counseling myself once a month and sometimes more if my PTSD is in overdrive. I do like meditation and want to start back yoga. I am passionate about singing, painting and anything creative…and I keep prayed up!! How do you get through your tough times sisters?

Aloha Friday <3


Aloha my sisters….hope this day finds you with some tranquility….mine well it found me having lunch with my rockabilly sister Annette, which was divine!!! And packing….UGH….Lol….but overall pretty much a peaceful day….one thing that comes to mind is try to focus on things that bring you peace in your life when things aren’t going to so well….and I know that’s hard to do. And let me tell you why…if you don’t, all of the anxiety, depression, worry, anger…and any other feelings you may be having, wears on your physical well being too….it takes a toll on your spiritual well being, it drains everything right out of you….takes your cup and empties it…so take that time to find those little things you love about yourself and start filling that glass back up little by little…and let that glass be filled to the brim….Much love <3

Apologies and Forgiveness….Peace <3

Good morning my sisters!! How are you? I hope this finds you where you want to be for today in your journey….Cristal brought up a wonderful point this morning on apologies and forgiveness…that is an important part in life…for both parties involved because without it you it’s hard to find peace….Miss Annette, (my rockabilly soul sister :)) gave me a technique used by the Hawaiians called Hoʻoponopono…this is not only learning to forgive others but yourself…it’s a very healing process…I think the more I practice it, the more peace I will find for my world. I think learning to forgive ourselves is THE hardest thing to do because we are usually reminded of our mistakes by others and learning to not define ourselves by others calling us by those mistakes, now that’s what’s hard. We need to learn to listen to the good things…and that’s what we are here for…MUCH LOVE <3hooponopono

Sisters love <3


Good afternoon my beautiful sisters….I hope this day finds you at a place in your journey where you are finding a little peace, love and hope. We all need that in our lives….I know we don’t always find that within ourselves and we struggle…we don’t think we’re good enough, we’re not pretty enough, we’re not smart enough, I can’t do anything right….we do need to really learn to love ourselves…but we want you to know this, until then you have a lot of sisters that are right here to let you know, You are gorgeous sister!! You’re a freakin’ genius!! You do what you do the right way everyday and don’t let anyone tell you any different!! Just because you’re a unicorn in a field of horses well who cares!!! We’re here for you night or day sisters….MUCH LOVE <3

It’s Tuesday….Are you ready?

Happy Tuesday my lovely muses!! I wanted to take the time to remind to say we all know we have good days, we have bad days, then we have REALLY bad days….but we have to get control over those days and take our lives back when that happens….I KNOW it’s hard, believe you me, I do…but when that happens, I cry to my heart’s content, stay in my jammies (sometimes for a few days) and finally I put on my fave woman kicking ass movie (GI Jane…I know cliche but hey it works for me) and I do it to it and get back on the horse and GO…Now it sounds easy….sometimes it’s not…but I am learning to paint again, read books again, to laugh again and most of all….love and like me….and that’s what’s making my life come alive…maybe it’s time to find what makes your life come alive don’t you think? MUCH LOVE <3

Sad when everyone else is celebrating…..

This weekend, many people were celebrating…. Memorial Day, Graduations, etc. As I read through FB post and posts on the site, several stood out to me at how difficult these times can be for many. There are moms who have lost their child that should be graduating right now. Many women are missing being at the lake, celebrating the holiday with their family, due to a divorce. Where there is happiness for one, there is heartbreak for another.

For those of you ladies who are struggling, my heart goes out to you. I have no words to fix your pain and in no way do I expect you to hide your pain. Telling about it and posting it is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that you are hurting, yet you are healing. Take these sad days, embrace your memories, and work through your pain to the best of your ability. Take your time…. we aren’t going anywhere.

-Love to you all.