Give Your Wings Spirit <3

How many of us are going through a transition in our lives right now? I would venture to say a lot of us are. Some good, some bad and some things that just can’t be explained to others. I want to encourage you today to think back to those days when you had dreams for yourself when you were young. I would venture a lot of us have put them in the attic to simply live life. In other words, we have our careers, our families and adult responsibilities that keep us from thinking about ourselves. Now, I want to explain that it’s not selfish to think about what we wanted – still want for ourselves. It has taken me 47 years to realize that it’s not selfish to follow my dreams. I have a lot of dreams!!! LOL…but I am trying to do more to make them come true. I want to encourage you to NEVER give up on yourself.  Your dreams are valid… and it’s never too late to have new dreams!!!

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