Have You Sat With the Broken?

Good afternoon my beautiful sisters!! I’m sorry I have been MIA for the last week, but I have been dealing with a migraine that didn’t want to go away. So today, I feel somewhat human again. When you read this today, I want you to really think hard – have you done any of these things recently? Or are you one of them yourself and someone in your life has rescued you? I have been on both ends of this myself. It’s not an easy thing to do or go through. One of the reasons I am here is because I have been where many of you are, have been or still walking the journey. I have been blessed with the ability to do what I love and that’s be here for my sisters, to help counsel, to give you a shoulder to cry on and sometimes ever laugh at 🙂LOL…But there are days that you even bring me out of a funk at times. (And yes, I feel like that’s my job, but sometimes ya’ll do help me get through the day 99.9% of the time.) I am thankful that Cristal found me a year ago and saved me…gave me purpose. And that’s helping all you women in your journeys. I do want to challenge you today to be that person who helps another, makes them smile, show kindness to a stranger….help your fellow sisters out. Our Butterfly Fest is a week and half away, so if you haven’t thought about how you can help, maybe today is that day? How can you change someone’s life? How can you change yours? As always, Much love 

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