08/18/16 "I am part of an organization called Still Standing and our sole purpose is to empower victims of sexual assault. However, we go about it a little differently than others, we want to hear their stories, we want to help them heal by giving them a platform to share their stories. We only have one requirement. At the end of that story, they tell us the "however"..such as "I was raped, however" and then they tell how they took that ugly and made something good. We are 7 people strong, four women and three men. And we are doing amazing things. We are able to do these amazing things because of people who also believe in what we are doing, who want to contribute to our cause. Today, I was incredibly honored to find just such people through an organization called Butterfly Sisters, created by an equally incredible friend of mine, Cristal Jordan. Still Standing has been selected to go to the National Sexual Assault Conference in DC. However (I use that word a lot!), we don't have the resources to purchase the things needed when you have a booth at something like this. Mainly, brochures - a lot of brochures. UNTIL TODAY! I was put in touch with Dawn Marie, who is part of Butterfly Sisters and her husband. Joe Gonzales, happens to work for Texas Document Solutions. Within a matter of a few texts back in forth, Texas Document Solutions and Joe offered to print 1500 brochures - FREE. Did you see that word? FREE. Not because I know them - I've never met any of them. Not because I have something to give the - I've have nothing. They did it simply because they share Still Standing's desire to help survivors. Maybe one of them knows the hell being assaulted and saw this as a way to help someone else. To pay it forward. And they are paying it forward beyond anything I expected. So Dawn Marie, Joe Gonzales and Cristal Jordan - thank you just seems so inadequate, but it all that we at Still Standing can do. Actually, it's not. We can take these brochures and use them to reach countless other survivors. And we will, and because of your incredible generosity, know that you are now a part of us, a part of each story we get. Thank you, from each one of us." N.F., Austin TX

07/28/16 "I am so grateful for Butterfly Sister's. This organization has helped me and my children above and beyond expectations. I am so grateful to have met such amazing women who love to empower each other and embrace each other. I love their motivation and drive to help women get back on there feet and help them continue on with their journey in life. This organization really shows how much they care for you. The love and comfort is amazing. Thanks Butterfly Sister's for all you have done for me and my children. I am so grateful and appreciative of all your help and words of encouragement, wisdom and empowerment. Keep striving to the top and changing people's live.Thanks!!!" - J.M., Georgetown TX

07/28/16 "Butterfly Sisters is an amazing group of women! They have given me a safe haven...a place that I can come and share my problems, my concerns...life in general...The days that I can't people, they are my support system. I suffer from PTSD and there are days I simply can't leave my house, they help me keep my sanity by checking on me via internet and telephone. This group has helped me to reconnect with the outside world again and start to "people" again and that's the truth. I literally hadn't left the house in 4 months when I met the founder of the Butterfly Sisters. This group is definitely a safe haven for me...they are my rock!!!" - D.L., Austin TX