Your life is a book….What chapter are you on?

Good morning my muses!! Happy Tuesday!!! A thought went through my head last night. I grew up reading books to escape what I dealt with in our house. It was my escape. But as I have gotten older, you realize you can’t escape this thing called life ~ it likes to get right in your face doesn’t it? You may not be able to escape it but you can compare it to a book if you think about it. You have new chapters in life, sometimes the characters stay the same, sometimes there are new ones that come in; your life should have little adventures, it should have wonderful times that make good memories to reflect on. Of course, sometime life will have romance, sometimes it’ll be a mystery, sometimes it’ll be a drama and then unfortunately it can be a tragedy. But in all honesty, it’s the goodness and positive attributes of life that keep us going. So, as you think about your novel this morning while you’re having your morning coffee, make a mental list of the good things in your life and push the bad to the back. Let the positivity flow!!! I hope sisters that today you are opening a new chapter and enjoying your life! And as always, much love 


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