Your Brokeness is Beautiful!!!

Good morning loves!! I wanted to touch on something that is a topic of discussion this morning ~ healing from our deep wounds to become who we’re meant to be. A lot of us tend to bury our hurt, our pain…and that leaves deep scars that never go away. They manifest as depression, anxiety, physical illness…it affects our spirits. We feel broken and in pieces because of it. It leaves us in ashes…dust in the wind. When we finally face those issues, face those things that have haunted us for years, it takes that all away. Scraping those scabs off of those old wounds and letting the ugliness out, helps us to heal and move forward. If we learn to accept what as happened to us, we can finally move forward. Only we have control over our happiness and once we realize this small piece of advice is the best thing that has ever happened to us, our life will change for the better. Take your broken pieces and let your light shine through them!!! Your light, your story may save another. So never be afraid to share it, never be afraid to face it….be that Phoenix coming up out of the ashes….show your damage in all it’s beauty!!! Much love 

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